COVID-19 Precautions

If you are scheduled for an appointment we ask that you give us a call when you arrive.  At that time a technician will come out to your vehicle and bring your dog/cat into the building with one of our leashes to have their exam. Please let us know at that time if there are any specific instructions for handling your pet. Please stay in your car during this time.


Once the exam is performed our doctor will call you to discuss findings and a treatment plan. Once treatment is complete our receptionist will call to take payment over the phone. If you are wanting to pay in cash please let us know. After payment is processed our technician will return your pet to your vehicle with your receipt.

If you need to pick up medications or pet food, please call us ahead of time so we may have it ready for you. We ask that you pay over the phone as above. If you are paying in cash please let us know. One of our technicians will bring what you have requested outside to your vehicle.

We are sorry to inconvenience anyone, but our primary goal is to stay healthy, keep others around us healthy and continue to provide service throughout the duration of this pandemic. We are doing our absolute best to continue providing service but in order to do this we need to keep our team healthy and we ALL need to limit close contact with others. What affects one of us affects us all.

Thank you again for your patience and stay well.

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